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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mt Lees and Fieild Days

Three nights staying at magical Mt Lees – what a beautiful place to stay.  With a large grassy space to park in, surrounded by a beautiful area of native bush teeming with bird life,  friendly ducks who come calling – what’s not to like?  And we’ve got the whole place to ourselves too.

Camping alone at Mt Lees

Sleeping ducks – then they spotted me and my camera

While I was pottering around the camp taking a few photos, Robin was part of the team manning a stand at the Field Days held at Manfield.  The Cancer Society had a stand concentrating on “Men’s Health” and as a volunteer worker he had been asked if he could help out too.  No problems – we took the caravan up and made a long weekend out of it.

Robin on volunteer duty

Visitors to the Cancer Society’s stand were given a “Welcome to the Colossal Colon”.  At the entrance the bowel the lining was pink and smooth, just like a healthy bowel should be.  Walking through, the poor old bowel went through changes, showing what polyps look like, then cancer growths from stage 1 to stage 4.  Not pretty at all, but knowing about symptoms could save lives.

The Colossal Colon

Sadly, most men were not in the least interested in checking out the colon, so the helpers handed out some brochures to get them to check their health risk factors.  Women, on the other hand, were much more interested in anything to do with their family’s health, and often stopped to chat.  Professional medical staff were also on hand if anyone wanted any advice.
After his time on duty, Robin then checked out some of the other stands.  Sadly, there were no new caravans to drool over, but cars, tractors, farm quad bikes, even tractors.  He sat down and enjoyed a hearty steak sandwich eaten while watching some very clever Border Collie dogs put through their paces, these are one of the most intelligent of dog breeds, we have read. 

Who is a clever dog, then?

In the early evening, the B&B owner from the adjacent homestead called over for a chat.  He’s a camper too, and likes to get away when he can. 

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