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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Our Town is abuzz with Campers

Little old Levin is buzzing as motor-homes and caravans roll into town from far and wide for the New Zealand Motor Home Association Easter Rally, which officially starts tomorrow.  So all these “out of towners” will have to find somewhere to park up tonight, before the grounds to the Levin Event Centre open up bright and early tomorrow to welcome the travellers.  About 800 or so rigs are expected to the weekend rally, which is also the Association’s 60th Jubilee.

Planning for this giant rally has been going on for quite some time, and it is sure to be extremely well run, with entertainment provided each evening in the hall.  Then there are workshops available, sight seeing trips for the out of towners, children's programme, and the pets aren’t forgotten either.  But just how much Muffy wants to take part in that will be debatable.  Robin is always keen to check out the trade stalls, and drool over the latest in caravans and motor homes, and I’m sure to find plenty to look at in the market stalls.

Packing up for the Easter Rally

Our journey tomorrow will take us all of 10-15 minutes or so, depending on traffic.  So today we are busy packing the caravan, which has been moved around to the handy car park right outside our door.  We’ll leave the perishables for tomorrow, and then we will be off.  Just hope the Easter Bunny can find us over the weekend amongst all those other campers.

And see those flags fluttering over our fence?  The results of the Referendum to choose between the two flags will be announced shortly.  Then we will know if our national flag will change or not.

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