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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

“Boom” went the Cannon

We made good use of the “plastic fantastic” gazebo during our weekend in the country at Lutz Farm.  It was just big enough for us all to set up our folding chairs for morning teas and in the evenings.  Our very hospitable hosts, brothers Max and Erwin came to welcome us to their property, and to make sure we were all settled in.

Camping at Lutz Farm

There was a new rig to be welcomed into the club.  Charlie and Lorraine had just purchased an UCC motor-home, so a steady stream of club members went to check it out.  And very nice it is too.

New motor-home in the club

Erwin took a group of us for a walk  through the adjacent native bush, and pointed out notable trees to us.  The bush has natural springs slowly bubbling away, and is such a beautiful, peaceful place.  Years ago, cattle were allowed to roam through this area, but the family have now fully fenced it off to protect it for the future.
Reaching for the sky

A remnant from earlier times

We walked along the track through the bush, and over little bridges across the springs.  Its not hard to see how easy it would be to get lost in the bush, it’s like another world in there.  We weren’t too far from our caravans, but could hardly see them.

Natural spring in the bush

Max drove up on Saturday evening to show off his new cannon.  Not many people have a cannon, so it’s no wonder he was rather proud of it.  Cast and built by his friend, the toolmaker, this is certainly not something you would often come across.  The ball was inserted, the cannon was primed, and we all moved a safe distance away while Max lit the taper.  Its only a little cannon, but it went off with an almighty “boom”, shattering the silence of a country evening, and making our ears ring.  What a great demonstration, we were most impressed!

Boom went the cannon.

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