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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Sunday Breakfast on Saturday

We had to change our weekend plans a little, and have our traditional cooked Sunday breakfast on Saturday.  Why?  Because we will out the door bright and early on Sunday morning to spend the day with our SLG and there wouldn’t be time for a cooked breakfast.

Robin did the honours this morning, cooking up bacon and free range eggs, (Robin dished up a double yolker on my plate) with black pudding and some of our home grown truss tomatoes.  We were advised that the Waikanae Butchers make very tasty black puddings, so popped in and brought one yesterday, as we were in the area.  Sometimes it’s hard to find a black pudding which suits your particular taste, and this one certainly met our expectations!  And yes, it was very nice indeed.  Our tiny truss tomatoes just keep growing and growing, and have such a lovely sweet taste.

Fresh from the garden

There was quite a bit of excitement the other day when a local house caught fire.  No, not in our village, but down the road a bit.  We could smell the smoke, and thought it was a rubbish fire.  But sadly, someone’s home went up in flames – and we do hope that no one was hurt.  The fire engines came out in force, and soon had it under control, although the house seems quite badly damaged.  The next day the fire investigators were there at the house, checking out the reasons why it caught alight, presumably. 

Local house which caught fire

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