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Saturday, 26 March 2016

NZMCA Easter Rally at Levin

It was just a hop, step, and jump to the Levin A & P Showgrounds for us to arrive at the Easter Rally.  Although we lived relatively close by, due to an urgent appointment, we didn’t arrive to late in the afternoon.  So there was no way we would get a site close to all the facilities.  No….. we were placed in the overflow area, in the adjacent school field, quite a walk to the hall.  No good at all for Robin’s sore knees, so it was lucky that a  shuttle was operating, and we took advantage of this service when we could.


It was the 60th Anniversary of the Association, and as the Wellington Branch is named Area 60, they were determined to run this particular AGM Easter Rally.  And they did – very successfully and with great gusto.  Our rally weekend was officially opened by our Mayor, Brendan Duffy, who welcomed all the visitors to his town.  700 or so caravans and motor homes bring a lot of cash into the community, and many will stay on after the weekend to check out the local area.


One of the dignitaries on stage was Heather, daughter of one of the founders of the Association all those years ago, who told us of her parents endeavours to get NZMCA off the ground.  60 years ago, motor homes were new and did not have their own category for registration, instead they were lumped together with a hearse and ambulance and the fee was very expensive.  It was great to hear that this after very first motor home belonging to Andy and Glenis Anderson has been found derelict, a project is underway to restore it to it’s former glory and display it in a museumn.  And another twist to the story is  that the Personalized Plate “NZMCA 1” was recently discovered  for sale.  A group of NZMCA members clubbed together to secure ownership, and it has been donated to the Association to be reunited with the motor home when it is restored.
We had quite an interesting get together with our neighbours, a “Possum Plucker” from Taranaki who offered Robin a glass and a cold Tui.  And this is what arrived.

A glass and a cold Tui, courtesy of the Possum Plucker

Our rally site

More later about this very busy rally – there's been plenty happening to keep us busy.

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