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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

International Police Museum, Dannevirke

It was a wrench to leave the camp at Ashhurst – it is such a lovely peaceful place we could have happily stayed there for much longer.  But the open road beckoned, and we continued on our travels.  We travelled safely through the Manawatu Gorge, (this stretch of road has always a bit of a worry for me, I’m sad to say) and continued up SH2.

The Manawatu Gorge

After a short 40kms drive we pulled into the car park behind the Dannevirke Services and Citizens Club.  We were more than welcome to stay for a night or two, we were told, at no charge. We were the only van in residence at the time, but others could also have the same idea as us, no doubt.  But so far no other vans have turned up, so we will be alone in the car park all night, it seems.

Staying overnight at Dannevirke

We had a good reason for a stop-over in Dannevirke, the International Police Museum has been on our list of places to visit for some time.  Usually only open at weekends, we were so pleased to find that that the museum was open for extra days open over the holiday period.  And we qualified for pensioner rates too.


Owner Bruce Lyon was a law enforcement officer for 36 years before leaving the force to open his own museum.  On display were a wide range of vehicles, uniforms and memorabilia from around the world as well as items gathered from New Zealand.

Display inside the door

Police caps from around the world

There was plenty to see, uniforms from many police forces around the world, cabinets full of all sorts, including nasty looking items confiscated from criminals.  There was even a cabinet stuffed full of cuddly little toys all dressed in police uniforms.

Police bikes

And a selection of police cars

Tee shirt - sad reminder of the day which shocked the world

I was quite taken with this piece of prose, The Traffic Officer’s Lament.

If I check your license I’m intruding
If I take your word for having one, I’m inefficient
If I arrest a violator, I’m showing how rough I can get
If I give him another chance, I’m showing favouritism
If I labour night and day to protect people, I’m a tyrant
If I relax at all, I’m a shirker and a crook
If I don’t, I’m not interested in the job
If I accept suggestions or advice, I’m incompetent
If I work out my own problems, I’m a wise guy
If I act like a gentleman, I’m too soft and easy
If I act firm, I’m a tough guy and a brute
So, ashes to ashes, dust to dust
If the motorists won’t do it, the officer must!

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