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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Ashhurst and Palmy

It was another busy pre-Christmas rush around sort of day today, heading northwards to Ashhurst and Palmy.  We had lunch with daughter Nicky - as a early Christmas catch up because we won't be seeing them on the Big Day. 

 Nicky and Jenny

And also to swap the pressies over.  We took along a big plastic bag full, and came back with a carton full, so it certainly looked like a fair swap.

We took these goodies home

Lunch over, we headed back to Palmerston North.  Notice the concrete ball looking rather like one of the magical Moereki Boulders?  Someone has taken the trouble to crochet a woolly cover for it.  Why?  We don't know either, but there is a label on it saying "Wooly Riot Palmy", so that's a good clue!

Palmerston North sign plus a wool covered boulder

We had to call into the Heatrite shop to get a few more things for our recently purchased Weber BBQ.  Such as the half size cast iron plate so that we can cook sliced oinons and mushrooms to go with the steaks on the griddle - otherwise they would fall through!  And the all important meat thermometer for when we take the plunge and cook our first Weber roast.  

 More accessories for the Baby Q

On the way home we came across a cyclist, all dressed up in yellow and black, merrily peddling away.  The interesting thing was that he was sporting a couple of solar panels on the back of his bike - goodness knows why.  We realise that caravanners, motorhomers and even narrow boats rely on solar panels these days.  Any keen cyclists out there know the answer?

Cyclist with solar panels

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