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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Flags in the Mail

The courier van came calling today with a parcel – no,  not a Christmas gift, but two new flags from the Flag Consideration Project.  As some of you may know, here in New Zealand we have been given the option to change our national flag.  We have just had a referendum to choose between five alternate flags.  The second referendum takes place in March for the public to choose between the existing flag or the winner of the first referendum.

Places within a community who are able to fly the two flags alongside each other on separate flag poles were asked to send in a photo, and then given the opportunity to request two new flags (on loan) from the Flag Consideration Project.  When the parcel arrived today, our own flags were soon taken down, and the two new flags put in their place.

Up goes the first choice in the referendum

This gives people the opportunity to see the flags flying together, the current flag alongside the first choice in the referendum.  This may well  help them with making the choice of which flag will get their vote in March.

Which one would you choose?

Changing our county’s flag is a big decision, and there are strong views either way.  But everyone will get the chance to have their say shortly – that’s what democracy is all about.


Tom and Jan said...

I prefer the first one which had the red rather than the black.

Marilyn McDonald said...

I liked the one with red rather than black and thought the vote counting system was a bit strange. I liked the red version because its colouring created links with the current flag. But I am happy with the black and blue, and would far rather it than our current flag - which is so easily confused with the Australian flag and shows nothing which makes it distinctly NZ.
Cheers, Marilyn