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Monday, 28 December 2015

Drop-In Rally at Foxton

Our first job, or should I say, Robin’s first job  of the morning on Boxing Day was to dismantle the exterior Christmas lights.  With them safely put away in their various plastic crates, the next job was to pack the caravan.  It was a stinking hot day, and took us ages, but we really mustn’t grumble about having glorious hot sunny weather over the Christmas holidays. Finally we were on our way to the Drop-In Rally at Foxton School.


This is an annual event run by the Horowhenua NZMCA group, and is a casual, do what you like kind of rally, with not too much organisation going on.  Most people attend Morning Tea and 4zees, and there is occasionally some type of activity organised in the evening.  Families, couples with the obligatory small white fluffy motor home dogs, and a few cat owners were in attendance.  We stayed for a couple of days: this rally is a good stopping off point to rest and relax, and let all the mad Boxing Day drivers get on their way before we take to the roads ourselves.

Romany Rambler parked on the dry school grounds

We enjoyed 4zees sheltering under the large shady trees

Caravans and motor-homes trickled in each day, but numbers seem way down to those who have attended on previous years.  Our caravan buddies Dot and Derek arrived yesterday so we spent some time together under the shady awning.  That didn’t stop us all receiving a touch of sunburn though.  No matter how well protected you think you are, sun hats firmly on heads, and sun screen lotion applied to noses, that hot summer sun still manages to pinken any skin left unattended – such as lily white knees poking out of summer shorts!


We took an early evening walk once things had cooled down a little, nothing too strenuous, just a walk around the block.  But we could still feel the heat of the day radiating up from the footpath.  Stopping at a home all lit up with sparkling lights, but it was still a bit light to see them at their best.


Christmas lights on display

So where to next?  The plan is to drive slowly up to Hawkes Bay, and stop at a couple of “new to us” places.  Of course, our plans could be put into disarray if our original choices are full to overflowing with other campers with the same idea.  In that case we’ll just have to go with Plan B, whatever that may be!

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