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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Day

We awoke to a beautiful fine and sunny Christmas morning.  So what better place to have our breakfast than outside on the patio at the picnic table.  Our traditional Christmas breakfast is croissants,  filled with the first few slices cut off our newly opened Christmas ham, and slices of tasty cheese,  warmed in the oven till heated through and the cheese goes all yummy and runny.  Followed by a pot of freshly brewed coffee, and cream.  What a great way to start the morning! 

Then came the serious business of opening the presents.  Don’t know why, but our family insist on buying us copious quantities of chocolates!  There was a big box from grand-daughter number 1, a large tin of choccies from granddaughter number 2, and Hershey’s Kisses and Bailey’s chocolates from daughter Nicky.  We are not saying that we won’t enjoy eating them – but do we really need them?  We also got a couple of themed mugs to use in our caravan, and Robin was presented with his very own Christmas decoration, an All Black Santa.  What does he do with that, he wanted to know.  Just hang it up each year, was the answer.

Merry Christmas Robin

Then there were fresh peas to pod – as far as Robin is concerned Christmas Dinner isn’t the same without  fresh peas. He is an expert doing this chore, and remembers many pea podding times as a youngster helping his Mum in the kitchen.  The rest of the veggies were done, and once our rolled stuffed turkey breast was placed on the piping hot Weber BBQ things were well underway.  The  thermometer was inserted into the turkey roll, to let us know when our turkey was cooked to perfection.

Podding the peas

Our friends Dot and Derek came to share Christmas Day with us, and brought contributions for the meal, including some freshly dug potatoes from their own garden.  We settled down to wait for it all to be cooked, sitting comfortably under the shade of the sun umbrella. The Weber BBQ beeped to tell us the turkey was cooked, and we “rested” it  under a covering of tinfoil (the TV chefs often use that term, we’ve noticed).  The veggies were cooking, Derek attended to chicken and mushrooms on his own BBQ, and we were almost there.

Derek relaxed while cooking marinated chicken

Our meal was so tasty, the turkey cooked to perfection, and we raised our glasses of bubbly in a Merry Christmas toast.   And for dessert we dined on pavlova with fresh berries, and trifle.  What a lovely casual Christmas Day, enjoying a wonderful meal out in the sunshine, and shared with good friends.    It couldn’t get better than that!

Robin, Derek, Jenny and Dot

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