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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Family Celebrations

It was a day of family celebrations yesterday – one sad and one happy.  It was a year ago since Robin’s Mum had passed away and the family got together to inter her ashes and say their final goodbyes.  The garden plot had been organised and the plaque ready and in place.  Robin’s Dad had passed away quite some time ago and his ashes had been scattered, but the family decided that the plaque should be a remembrance to him as well.  The ashes were placed in the small hole, and the siblings said their goodbyes and we all helped with scattering a shovel of soil over the top.  Rest in Peace, Bonnie.


With the final goodbyes said, we went on to the fun part of the celebrations.  Second brother Gary had almost reached the grand old age of 65 and had already been issued with a Gold Card.  He decided that with their little sister Kaye travelling up from Nelson for the weekend he would have a slightly early birthday celebration.  We gathered at Gary and Debbie’s home and sat under the shady trees while the BBQ was fired up.

Gary and BIL Jan on BBQ duty

There was plenty to choose from, steak, sausages, chicken, potatoes and peas, plus salads and garlic bread.  Then we had desserts, ice-cream and strawberries, trifle, chocolate cheesecake, followed by Christmas Cake.  All very tasty, and no one went hungry. 

Kaye and Jan, Niece/daughter Suzanne, Gary and Debbie

It was a lovely restful afternoon, and the siblings had a good catch up.  Sadly, younger brother Neil could not be there, but his wife Michelle came along to represent their family.

Two look-alikes, Robin and birthday boy Gary

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