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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Spring Gardening

Our raised vegetable garden in the back yard is relatively small, but the weeds had taken over making it look rather like a jungle.  But Spring was calling and Robin set to and cleared them all out.  Then he added a big bag of Tui Vegetable Mix and dug it well into the soil.  This is a fertiliser containing all sorts of good things to make the vegetables grow well.  The seedlings were then planted out and we have high hopes for a productive summer garden.  He planted lettuce, silver beet, broccoli, and tomato plants, and sowed a row of beans too.

PA100038 Let’s hope these babies grow well

Yes, we do live in an area with many Market gardens, and  we will continue to support our favourite one – after all, there is lots that we are not growing, such as potatoes and pumpkins.  But there is something quite satisfying about picking a lettuce, or plucking some lovely fresh tomatoes of the vine from your own garden.

Our new flag pole is performing well, but Robin has been flying the Silver Fern flag in support of the All Black Rugby Team, which is taking part in the Rugby World Cup in England.  Our team has got through the pool play unscathed, and the next big game will be the quarter finals.  Go – the All Blacks!

PA100045 Flying the Silver Fern Flag

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Sheryl S. said...

It will be interesting to see how your vegetable patch grows as the weeks and months pass, My husband never ate tomatoes until he grew his own.. such a difference, the shop bought ones don´t have any flavour at all.