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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Celebrating 20 Years of Probus

Our monthly Probus meeting had quite a festive feel today.  Balloons, flowers, and not one, but two birthday cakes all set the scene to celebrate our club’s 20th birthday.

PA060008 Happy 20th Birthday to us

Our President Graham welcomed the members, including a dozen or so foundation members, former Presidents, and invited guests to our meeting.  A little of the club history was related, and a slide show playing of photos from earlier events brought back many memories to long term members.  The two birthday cakes were officially cut, and our Mayor, Brendon Duffy was the guest speaker.

PA060003 President Graham welcoming the guests

Those with birthdays are always remembered each month, and as I am a birthday girl in October, joined the many who share the same month as myself.  We were all presented with a gift of liquorice from local maker R J’s Liquorice.

PA060010 My birthday pack of liquorice,

PA060005The October birthday people

Then we all tucked in to the most amazing morning tea spread.  One of our members, who wished to remain anonymous, donated $1000 to be used for a special 20th Birthday morning tea.  The food was brought out, platter by platter, and arranged on the long tables.  And it just kept coming, sandwiches, hot savouries, cakes, pastries, scones and fruit platters too.  That’s an awful lot of food to get through, surely it won’t all get consumed!

PA060007 Even more platters arriving from the kitchen

Just when we thought we had eaten our fill, the committee ladies had finished cutting the cakes and plates of fruit cake and chocolate cake were circulated around the hall.  Here is our Treasurer Gill, who is also one of the neighbours in our village, offering slices of fruit cake.

PA060009 Yes please Gill, I love fruit cake!

At the close of the meeting we were invited to help clear the tables and most people wrapped up a few left overs to take home.   But there was still quite a bit of food remaining,  and the committee came up with the bright idea of taking it around to our local Police Station.  What a good idea – I’m sure the boys and girls in blue would appreciate a few tasty treats while they toil away on our behalf.  What wonderful 20th Birthday celebrations we all enjoyed. 

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