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Friday, 9 October 2015

It’s all go at our place

What a busy old day it’s been today.  Each morning we start the day with an early morning cuppa in bed while we watch the TV news before we get up.  Pulling back the bedroom curtains we could see the sky painted a pretty peach colour.  What a lovely start to the day. 

PA090013 Scene from the bedroom window

The builders have been busy in our village, working away on a double unit close by.  It is amazing how quickly buildings go up these days, but the frames come already assembled and it just seems a matter of putting all the pieces together.  The brickies have been working on the properties this week, and are almost finished their part of the job.  Vans and trucks come and go as they drop off supplies, and the builders like to work away to their radio turned up high.  Everything came to an abrupt stop yesterday morning when the power went out.  It wasn’t the builders fault, as we first thought.  We never did find out the reason, but the power was off for a couple of hours.

PA090015  New homes in the village

After 5 years of flying the flag, our flag pole has “spit the dummy” so to speak.  It was a collapsible pole that just wouldn’t collapse any more, and Robin suspects that the innards have rusted up.  Is he worried?  Not at all – he had already ordered a brand new flagpole.  And as luck would have it, the courier delivered our new flag pole today. 

PA090018 The new flag pole

This one is a little different and doesn’t collapse down on itself like our previous one - it comes with a rope to raise and lower the flag.  Robin started to assemble it but was having trouble working out which part went where.  So the sensible thing to do was to find the instructions and read them thoroughly. 

PA090020 When all else fails – read the instructions

So this part was fitted in that part, the rope was attached, and the whole thing lifted into the bracket.  The flag was hooked on and up it went.  Success at last.


PA090029 Fluttering in the breeze

While all this was happening we heard a loud “bang” – which  sounded suspiciously like a car crash.  There is a busy very road at the back of our property and cars and trucks whizz along at speed.  We rushed out to the back yard and peeped over the high fence.  Sure enough, there had been a car accident, between a car and a van pulling a trailer.  People were milling about everywhere and no one appeared to be injured, so that was a blessing.  My goodness – it’s all go at our place!

PA090034 Accident over the back fence

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