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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Lunch around the Bays

After our extended tour of Government House which turned out much longer than the allocated two hours, not that we were complaining, our group of twelve caravan club members were starving hungry.   Luckily we had just the place in mind for our group, so one car followed the other to the Spruce Goose in Lyall Bay.  We had called around earlier in the morning to check out the suitability for our large group, and it was a nice roomy cafe, with a good selection of food.  But we had forgotten to factor in the school holidays, and the cafe was full to bursting. “Give me five minutes”, the young waiter asked us, and before we knew it, he arrived carrying a couple of  empty tables, set them up with an existing one, found us chairs, and we were safely settled.  Guess he didn’t want 12 prospective customers walking out the door, so he certainly did his very best to accommodate us.


P9290064 Spruce Goose Cafe, Lyall Bay, Wellington

With twelve hungry mouths to feed, the kitchen really worked hard and got our meals out in good time.  Plates full of Big Breakfast, French Toast with bacon and banana, Eggs Benedict and juicy Burgers were soon placed in front of us.  The table became silent as we ate our tasty meals, and fully sated, sipped our lattes and cappuccinos.  The cafe had good views out the windows and we there in the distance we could see the Interisland Ferry on it’s way down to the South Island.  Surely it must be time to plan another South Island caravan trip, we asked ourselves.

Holiday makers going down south

P9290001Not much surf today

Our lunch together was a lovely finish to a great day.  We said our goodbyes in the car-park, and headed off on our respective journeys home. 

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