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Monday, 19 October 2015

Family Celebrations

The kids came home, from north and south – after all it’s not every day their poor old Mum turns 70!  I’m not quite sure how that happened, didn’t I used to be young once?  The family birthday celebrations were a week early, as it turned out.  The reason being that my birthday always falls over the long Labour Weekend, and that’s when we go away caravanning.  (Whether I want to or not.) 

PA180012 Luckily I didn’t have to blow out 70 candles

Ten of us braved horrible wet and windy conditions on Sunday  to gather together for a family lunch at the very popular Quarter Acre Restaurant, a little south of Levin.  Son Michael flew up for the weekend from Christchurch.

PA180001 Michael and his Mum

Daughter Nicky with husband Robert drove down from Kiwitea for the day, together with grand-daughter Emma who was still in the “don’t take my photo” stage.

PA180003 Daughter Nicky and Robert

Then there were the Hastings delegation who travelled down for the weekend celebrations.  My sister Kathleen, niece Lisa and great-niece Kate.  This was the first time they had been to Levin to see our new home since we moved here from Upper Hutt.

PA180006 Kathleen, Lisa and Kate

And our very special guest, my Aunt Dawn.  Dawn is my last remaining aunt, and was my Dad’s baby sister.  We were so pleased she could make it, as we had lost touch for many years and Kathleen managed to track her down when she was working on family genealogy.  Dawn had not met some of the family and was thrilled to finally put faces to names.

PA180007Robin, Dawn and Jenny

We had the serious business of choosing our lunch from the menu, and plates of fancy burgers, salmon, and prawns were placed before us.  All the chatter soon stopped as everyone tucked into their lunch.  A little later the cake arrived, glowing with candles.  (Just as well there were only a few candles.  As those in the same situation will no doubt know, it’s not easy blowing candles out when you no longer have your own teeth!)

PA180015 Cutting the cake

After lunch the trio from Hastings started off on their homeward journey, as they had a fair way to travel.  The remaining cake was packed up for us, and everyone else came back to our home for a cuppa.  After such a big lunch no-one could face another slice of cake.  It was a lovely day, and thanks to all who came and shared it with me. 

But as it’s not quite my actual birthday, the birthday celebrations aren’t over yet.  It will be happening again, and again, over the next couple of weeks with other friends.  After all, 70 is a big number to celebrate, wouldn’t you agree?

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Katie said...

Happy Birthday! Actual or not. :-) You’re so energetic I doubt anyone would guess your age correctly. ;-)