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Friday, 30 October 2015

Off to the Wilds of Kiwitea

Only home a week, and it’s time to hit the road again.  This time, off to the wilds of Kiwitea, a little north of Feilding.  And it’s not too long a trip at all, just a mere 90kms up the road.  We stopped for lunch at Sanson, calling into Viv’s Kitchen for a couple of her famous Cream Horns.  What a delicious treat they were, flaky pastry filled with cream and a touch of jam.  Not something one can eat delicately, so it was just as well we had our lunch back in the caravan out of sight from the general public.  By the time we had finished our fingers were covered in cream, and bits of flaky pastry were everywhere.  But we can assure you that we enjoyed each and every bite!

PA300066We called into Viv’s Kitchen for a couple of Cream Horns

Continuing on the last stage of our journey we were stopped in our tracks by a long line of dairy  cows crossing the road.  There were hundreds of them, all on their way to the milking shed across the busy road on the other side of the farm.


PA300070 There they go

Grand-daughter Megan was home when we arrived at our destination and we manouvered the caravan into place beside the garage.There had been an awful lot of rain lately, so the ground was rather wet.  Just as well we have a big strong 4WD in case we get stuck when it is time to leave.

PA300078 Parked on the farm in Kiwitea

There was a new baby to admire.  Grand-daughter Emma has been eagerly awaiting the birth of her mare Sonata's new baby, a filly called Fire Dancer.  The baby is so cute with it’s fuzzy black mane and tail.  Sonata is a first time mother and is doing very well.  Emma was away at work, so Megan took me to see the new foal.

PA300077 New baby

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