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Monday, 26 October 2015

Rugby and a little Cricket

With rugby being our national game, there was no way that the good keen blokes in the caravan club would not bother getting up at the ungodly hour of 4.00AM on Sunday morning while taking part in a caravan rally over the weekend.    Several of them gathered in the camp dining room in front of the TV, while their spouses slumbered on in their caravan beds.  And our powerful All Blacks had an epic battle to beat the South African team and qualify for the finals. Which means of course that the ABs will be facing the Wallabies (Australia) next week.

PA250014 C’mon New Zealand – Bill showing his allegiance

Later in the afternoon we were put into two teams for the gentleman’s game of cricket. The game of mild-mannered men in white flannels.  It is a game that, so some say, segregates the “classy from the crude, and the boorish from the benign”.  Our game was one especially dreamed up for those less active than they used to be.  We all took turns of batting and bowling, but luckily didn’t have to run between the wickets.  “Run points” were awarded depending on the distance that the ball was hit, and some of us were hard pressed to hit the ball at all.  Or else, they excelled in hitting it up into the trees!  And it was all bowled underarm, shades of that infamous Aussie bowler that we have never yet forgiven or forgotten!

PA250017 At least he managed to hit the ball

Camp managers, Pete and Di, decided to escape their camp duties for a while and rode along the highways and bi-ways of on their motor bike.  Suitably togged up, of course.  “You’re in charge”, they gaily called out, as they roared out  the gates on the bike.

PA250013  Pete and Di off for a ride

There were platters of food appearing from everywhere over the weekend.  Camp Mum Di presented us with a tray of delicious hot cheese scones for morning tea.

PA250009 Robin buttering a cheese scone

PA250012Then Kath offered the choccies around for  a birthday shout

Val had a celebration too, and presented us all with some tasty home made savouries.  And last but not least, we all took part in a “Pot Luck Dinner” on Sunday evening, sharing all sorts of tasty dishes, including  corned beef, bacon and egg pie, and chicken, followed by a great selection of desserts.  No time for photos of all the food, it went in a flash.  It was a great weekend, and we were so lucky with the wonderful Wairarapa sunshine.  The weather was so hot that several of the blokes donned their shorts, showing off their winter white legs, and sun hats were the accessory of the weekend.  Looks like summer is well and truly on the way.

PA260018 And here we all are

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Marilyn McDonald said...

Fantastic weekend weather, wasn't it? Good here in Waikanae too.
I was so pleased the ABs won, but am looking forward to it being over for another 4 years next weekend. I am finding the stress of NOT watching too much, and watching would be even worse!
Tell me, do all of the meals and goodies get prepared before you leave home, or do you all cook such delights in your caravans?
Cheers, Marilyn