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Friday, 23 May 2014

Wet Hamilton Weather

It’s been a wet old day here in Hamilton.  After being teased with a spate of light showers alternating with bouts of sunshine all morning, the weather gods have started playing hardball.  Torrential showers have been falling all afternoon and this evening, and the ground underfoot is now soaking wet and sodden.  Not much fun at all when we in and out of the caravan with soaking wet shoes, but at least it is not too cold today.

We waved goodbye to Geoff and Eileen after lunch.  They were taking their new caravan around to the Leisureline factory to get a few adjustments made, and were leaving it there over the weekend.  Then they were off to Auckland to visit the family for a few days.  They will catch up with us again somewhere down the track – destination to be confirmed.  Who knows where we might end up?

While we are staying here in Hamilton, we have a busy couple of days planned.  A Quilt Show for her tomorrow – that will keep her happy.  And rumour has it that a Hobbit or two may well be spotted on Sunday – we’ll keep you posted.

Muffy rather likes coming away with us in the caravan.  After sleeping peacefully curled up all day,  she woke, jumped down from the couch, and had a big stretch, as cats like to do.  Then she went and sat down by her food bowl and looked daggers at me.  Her double bowl contained fresh water in one side, and dry cat biscuits in the other.  Not at all to her liking.  If she could talk, she would be saying, “I expect better than this, you know!” 

P5230023 Is that all?  Just water and dry biscuits?

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