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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Camping with Chickens

We can’t say we weren’t warned.  The weatherman predicted minus temperatures overnight and we woke to a good frost.  Mind you, by the time we got up and pulled the curtains back at the late hour of 8.00am, some of the frost had already melted in the morning sunshine. The TV news told of really deep snow in some South Island areas so  our little bit of frost was nothing to worry about.  And we got a beautiful sunny day to follow, and we were not disappointed. 

P5270016A bit of a frost in the morning

We had a good drive down to Taupo and just had to stop at the lookout on the hill coming into Lake Taupo to photograph the stunning view of the lake and snow capped mountains in the distance.  What a beautiful sight, and cars full of tourists thought so too.  They drove up, snapped a selfie or two and took off again, to be replaced by yet more cars.

P5270027 Looking across Lake Taupo to Mt Ruapehu from the lookout point

After replenishing the fuel tank and the larder, we made our way down the the lake shore at Five Mile Bay for lunch.  This is a free camping area for self contained rigs, and would be a lovely spot to stay in the warmer weather.  As we munched our sandwiches, we noticed plenty of keen cyclists getting their quota of exercise along the lakeside track.

P5270037 View from Five Mile Bay

Where to stay for the evening – that was the question.  We wanted to keep moving slowly southwards so continued on down the Eastern side of the lake to Turangi.  Our stop for the night is a POP with free range chickens next door to where we are parked up.  If I give them a crust or two, they will love me forever, I was told.  More like cupboard love, I think.  

P5270041    Our neighbours, free range chickens

Later in the day the chickens were let out of confinement and freely wandered around the garden.  They were busy scratching in the garden mulch, having a fine old time.  I find chickens to be quite soothing creatures, with their cluck, cluck, clucks as they forage in the ground.

P5270048 Happy, healthy, free range chooks

As the sun dropped down behind the hills the temperature started dropping too.  There is no power available here, so it is just as well we can fire up the heater to keep us warm.  It could well be quite a cold night.

P5270042 Dusk at Turangi, looking at the sharp outlines, it could be a good frost

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