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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Strange Happenings in the Night

We enjoyed our “discounted prices for oldies” meal at the Ashhurst Inn and wandered back to the camp replete and ready for bed.  Must have been sleeping the sleep of the just as we didn’t hear of the disturbance in camp during the night.  After a bout of pruning a bonfire had been burning away all day, smouldering during the occasional shower or two which passed over.  Obviously one of the neighbours in the vicinity got a bit worried and put a call in to the fire brigade.  The fire engine arrived in the dead of night, flashing lights strobing in the darkness (but without the siren, as a courtesy to the campers), and proceeded to douse the bonfire.  All this excitement was related to us the next morning by a young lady in a campervan.  She did wonder when she saw the bonfire burning so close to the cemetery if in fact she had stumbled across some type of Satanic ritual!  And to think that we hadn’t seen a thing.

P5300001 All that’s left of the bonfire the next morning

It was just a short hop, skip, and jump of a drive, just 30km to Pahiatua where we were having our weekend caravan rally.  We arrived, found a nice concrete site to park on, and Muffy decided she would like a trip outside .  She doesn't like to venture out too much these days, and enjoyed a nice roll around on the sun warmed concrete.

P5300004 Muffy enjoying the sun shine

Yet again, someone in the club arrived with a brand new caravan – us this time.  We had to admit that we had been keeping our new acquisition a wee bit of a secret – we had collected it from the Leisureline factory in Hamilton a week ago.  We’ll show the inside a little later.

P5310012 Our new Romany Rambler

There’s a busy weekend planned for this rally, as this is the Heretaunga Caravan Club’s 40th Birthday, so there is a lot happening.  Eating out, a drinkie or two, a birthday cake to cut, reminiscing about the last 40 years, it promises to be a great weekend.  

P5310006 Carnival Park Motor Camp, Pahiatua

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