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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Ooops – lucky it wasn’t us.

We were watching the tent full of young German girls who were travelling with one lone fellow organising their belongings prior to moving on this morning, they had lots of things to pack away into their car.  Then one of the park workmen drove through the trees close by and ran over a tap - he must have been looking at the girls too.  Water gushed everywhere, and try as he might, he couldn’t get it to stop.  Perhaps his mate could help, so he called in reinforcements.  The two of them tried hard, digging around in the ground, but still it was gushing.  Eventually they found the Toby, turned the water off, repaired the damage, and finally, after an hour or so, order was restored.  Lucky it wasn’t us who did the damage, we will have to take care when we are driving around the camp.

P5030054 It takes two men to repair a damaged tap

Ashhurst domain is a large open space and suits many different activities.  Rugby and soccer are played in the sports grounds during winter, with cricket taking over in summer.  With changing rooms, play ground, BBQs, camping area with ablution block, and the adjacent cemetery, this is a multi purpose area.  The Domain contains one of the few remaining native bush remnants in the district and show what this region was like before so much of the timber was felled.  Walking tracks through the bush are very popular with families and dog owners, with a steady stream of them disappearing into the bush, we notice.


P5030061 Totara trees around the camp

We had a lunch date in Palmy (Palmerston  North) today with daughter Nicky.  What a busy cafe it was.  Great food, reasonable prices, and wonderful company, of course.  Replete, we said our goodbyes and headed back to camp.  Now the tenters have departed, we have the camp to ourselves again.

P5030070   Can you see the cemetery through the trees?

Today is a bit of a rest day – as we have an adventure tomorrow, weather permitting.  What will we be doing?  Check back tomorrow to find out.

P5030066 Muffy wanted a trip outside too

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