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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Back in Taupo again

Time for another trip, we were all packed up and raring to go by 10.00am.    Hooked up the caravan, secured Muffy in the back seat, and off we went.  First stop was at Flat Hills Cafe for lunch.  Luckily, we seemed to have timed it right, as this establishment caters for bus loads of tourists, and you don’t want to get in a queue behind a large group of hungry travellers.

P5210002 Flat Hills Cafe

Our travelling companions, Geoff and Eileen, met up with us here.  The fire was burning and the cafe has quite a rustic charm.  What’s for lunch?    There was only one choice for Geoff, as far as he was concerned, a Big Breakfast.  The rest of us enjoyed a hot roast meat sandwich each, with coffee to follow. 

P5210003 Painting hanging on the cafe wall

Strong wind gusts buffeted the caravan as we drove along the Desert Road.  Mt Ruapehu peeped out from under a covering of fluffy white clouds.  There’s something magical about the mountains, and I never seem to tire of the views as we drive along this road.

P5210017 Mt Ruapehu topped with fluffy clouds

Further along, a different view, and more of the mountain with it’s dusting of snow can be seen.

P5210024 Another view of Mt Ruapehu

Next stop was to top up with fuel at Turangi, and most importantly, making sure the tank for our diesel heater is full.  We spending the night in Taupo again, staying at the ever popular NZMCA site at Taupo Airport.  It can get really cold here, and we wouldn’t want to run out of fuel for the heater.  A little old house bus on site has a fire place on board, and we can see the smoke drifting out the their chimney – they will be nice and cosy inside.

P5210029 Parked up at Taupo

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