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Friday, 16 May 2014

Full Moon in the Morning

At 7.00am it was time to put the jug on for our early morning cuppa.  From the window I could see the full moon in the sky.  The clear sky was tinged the palest pink – and held the promise of a lovely fine autumn day.  Quick, where’s my camera?

P5160007 Full moon in the early morning sky

Camera in hand, I opened the door, ready to take a few snaps.  But………one of the neighbours outside in the car park getting out of his car  and I was clad only in my nighty.  Hope he didn’t see me.  So I quickly shut the door again, and waited until he had taken his early morning shopping back to his own villa.   Don’t want to frighten the neighbours, do we! Once he was safely out of the way, I opened our door again and snapped a few photos.  The colours in the sky can change so quickly and I didn’t want to miss it.

P5160003 Full moon in the western sky

Later in the morning Robin hooked up the caravan and took it down to get it’s Warrant of Fitness.    It’s been a busy week, as the Land Cruiser was taken in for a WOF too earlier in the week.  So now we will be all legal for our next trip away.

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