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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Down by the Station

The Caravan Club notice-board sheltering under the umbrella from the rain said it all.  Just like excited little schoolchildren, we were going on a train ride. What fun!  And on presentation of our Gold Cards, it would be a free trip.

P5100036 What’s on today?

Some people wanted to travel south to Porirua and headed off early.  The rest of us decided on a shorter trip, north to Waikanae.  So off we went after lunch to the historic Paekakariki Railway Station.  This was built in 1909, and registered with the Historic Places Trust.  A notice board on the station shows what the area looked like in bygone years.

P5100001 On Paekakariki Station

And here is the New Zealand version of “Mind the Gap” with Robin, Selwyn and Kath standing much too close to the edge of the platform.

P5100002They are not standing behind the yellow line.

Here comes our train.  Oh good, it’s one of the flash new Matangi trains.  A few of our caravan buddies had not travelled on one of these before.

P5100004Here’s our train

As the train trundled along we had good views of the just started Kapiti Expressway.  This is being constructed over wet peat-land over this part is quite a work in progress.

P5100006  Road work machines at the ready

Two stops later we arrived at the end of the line.  Staying aboard, the train was shunted to a siding to allow a couple of freight trains to go past.  Then we took the return journey back to Paekakariki  - our short train adventure coming to an end. 

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