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Monday, 9 August 2010

Wet Weekend at Carterton

We had a good turnout for our AGM Rally at Carterton. The Wairarapa Caravan Club was also staying at the camp for the weekend, and it was nice to catch up with them all again. The weather was not the best, lots of rain, so there was no sitting outside in the sunshine. Luckily this camp has a very generous sized dining and recreation room which accommodated both caravan clubs together for our joint morning teas. The AGM was soon over, and the current committee members were voted in again, so that was business taken care of for another year. On Saturday evening we pooled cars and travelled down to Greytown to dine at the the South Wairarapa Workingmen’s Club. The dining room staff did very well and delivered all our meals at the same time. Don’t quite know what they get up to in the kitchen, but I saw this sign on their door.

DSCF4021 Sign on kitchen door

The walls of the Workingmen’s Club were lined with wonderful old photos showing the history of this small town. Bullock teams, important looking men in their best suits, and town buildings gave a wonderful glimpse of the early years.

DSCF4019 Photo on the walls of a bygone era

Wouldn’t you know it, but the sun finally came out on Sunday, which is usually the case with our weekends away. All that rain had made the sites rather boggy and one of the Wairarapa group had trouble moving his motor home off the grass. The men gathered around to add some muscle and try to push, but to no avail. No problem – Robin came to the rescue with our 4 wheel drive vehicle and a strop and soon pulled that motor home clear. There were plenty of onlookers giving helpful advice too.

DSCF4024 Here it comes, free at last

A bit of rain didn’t make any difference to the workmen who were extending the road to loop around the end of the camp. We were asked to tow our caravan over the new extension when we departed the camp, to ascertain whether there was enough clearance on the corners. All in all, we enjoyed another great caravan rally at one of our favourite motor camps.

DSCF4022 New road at the back of the camp

Don’t ask about our new heater it has a fault and has to go back to the installer.

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merleneshedlock said...

what a wonderful blog on your adventures, lovely to see Carterton on your adventure journal, glad you had a good weekend in Carterton, bon voyage.