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Monday, 23 August 2010

Out Houses

There wasn’t much rambling going on over the weekend as we were staying close to home while I was recuperating from my dental experience. So we thought we would share some more photos from our last visit to Te Papa Museum, in Wellington. These are decorated “out houses”, also known as “portaloos” here in New Zealand. This imitation timber one would look right at home in a rural setting.


“Maurice” is just right for the kids, don’t you think? It is covered in red plush fabric, with bulging eyes and pointy teeth. But then, maybe they would be too scared to open the door and get past that scary face.


Guess which one was my favourite? Here’s me, sitting under the drapes on the golden throne with a royal sceptre in my hand. I hasten to add that I was encouraged to sit there by the promoters and have my photo taken.


The display was a fund raiser for bowel related health issues. As well as raising awareness of these problems, the display certainly gained a few laughs too.

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