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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Diesel Heater for the Caravan

Robin purchased a diesel heater for the caravan a couple of months ago which has been sitting idle in the garage all this time. It was finally installed last week by a local tradesman, Wellington Motorhomes. It didn’t take very long at all, just a couple of days. Our neighbours must have thought we had gone travelling, as the caravan wasn’t in its usual place out the front of the property. But then, our lights were on in the evening, and the cars were coming and going. But then again, maybe they had better things to do and didn’t even notice. The Wellington Motorhomes did a very good job, and Robin was really pleased when he went to collect the caravan. The intake vent is on the right, and the warm air blows out in the middle of the seating arrangement. This way, it should flow right down to the back of the caravan.

DSCF3925 Outflow and intake vents

The business part of the heater was fitted neatly under the right hand squab. It is quite a small unit about the size of a shoe box. All combustion air and exhaust is piped outside the van so there is no fumes inside. Only internal room air is heated and recirculated.


A diesel heater needs fuel so a discussion was held to where best site and what size of fuel tank was required. 10 Litres was selected. It was decided that the best place would be under the hood at the front of the caravan and the fuel is piped to the heating unit. A bulkhead opening was inserted into the hood to make it easier for filling the tank.


Nose Cone showing fuel tank location

DSCF3933Control Panel, shows ambient temp and set temperature

The test runs worked quite well, but of course the real test will be at our next weekend rally. We will be leaving the electric heater behind at home and hopefully it will be warm and toasty with our new Eberspacher D2. No doubt a full report will follow after our weekend away.

DSCF3935 Muffy giving the newly installed heater her seal of approval

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