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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Up a Ladder

It is no secret that Robin is not terribly happy climbing ladders – he seems to have a morbid fear of falling off! Yesterday he climbed up not one but two ladders. Our friend Kathryn was having trouble with her Free View television connection and Robin offered to try and fix it for her. He checked the back of the television set to make sure that the wiring was connected. Yes, that seems fine. The wiring came down through the ceiling, so that would be the next place to look at. The ceiling is accessed by one of those pull down ladders. Up the ladder he climbed, pulled himself into the ceiling cavity and had a good look around. The wiring seemed fine here too.

DSCF4120 Here he goes, up into the ceiling

The next step was to check that the satellite dish on the roof was set up to the correct angle. So Robin climber up another ladder and tried moving the dish a fraction one way, then a little bit the other way. We had to watch the television and tell him when the lines were at the correct place. It didn’t seem to matter whatever adjustments he made, it just wasn’t going to work.


Finally he had to admit defeat. All that time balancing on ladders and he couldn’t fix the problem, but at least he tried his best. The suggestion is that Kathryn contact the Free View installer to come and check it out for her.

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