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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I Love the big Orange Buses

No work for me for the last few days, so I enjoyed a day out in the big city. I just love travelling on the Airport Flyer, those big orange buses which go all the way from our home town, through the suburbs, then the CBD, and on to Wellington Airport. It is an express service and they make minimal stops along the way. The bus fleet has been updated and have TVs on board showing news and weather updates, and flight arrivals and departures. They also show a map which keeps track of where the bus is at any given time. There is also free WIFI available on board.

DSCF4033 Where are we now?

With a day off work I had plenty of spare time so decided to stay on board right into the airport, and stop there for a cup of coffee. In a former life, Robin used to drive these big orange buses every day. When the airport run was introduced, the drivers were hand picked from the staff, and it was a much sought after position. The management were looking for staff who were particularly well presented, and could converse well with overseas passengers and businessmen alike.

DSCF4035 The Airport Flyer

I enjoyed my coffee and watched the planes coming and going. Think I’m a bit of a frustrated traveller as I really love the hustle and bustle of the airport. Then I took another bus back into the city, as I had really come to town to purchase a gift for my son’s birthday, and visit a quilt exhibition which just happened to coincide with my time off work. I did all this travelling on a $12 day pass, which is excellent value for all those miles.

DSCF4037 Planes at the airport

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