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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Teeth and all That!

We have had an eventful few days. Poor Jenny has had an ongoing problem with her teeth, in that it has been one abscess after another, loose teeth, gum problems and any number of problems of this sort. The situation was just ongoing and could not be sustained on a retirement income. Jenny took the decision some months ago to deal to the problem once and for all.

On Thursday was the day that the full jaw extraction took place and the new false teeth fitted. The new teeth are fitted immediately after the teeth are extracted, this somewhat surprised us as we thought that the gums would have to heal first, not now it’s all in one go. The extractions were done under sedation and Jenny does not remember to much about the procedure but as can be imagined there was a lot of bleeding from the mouth.

It is now Saturday and there has been a remarkable improvement, the bleeding has all but stopped, and we have been back to the Dentist on Friday for a check-up to make sure there is no infection and Jenny can take out and put back the new teeth. As Jenny has had a top plate since she was a young girl there was of course no problems.

P8210964Jenny resting and being comforted by Muffy

Jenny has done little too much today with two loads of laundry and changing the bed, so is now having a rest. It’s hard to convince some people that having had aesthetic it takes a while for the body to recover. However she is well on the mend now.

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