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Friday, 27 August 2010

Daffodil Day

It’s Daffodil Day today and volunteers were out and about selling daffodils to raise money for the Cancer Society. The “Kindy Kids” at the crèche adjacent to my workplace always get involved too. The little ones come around the offices armed with baskets of flowers and money buckets. I saw the supervised group in the staff cafeteria, collected my flower and happily put my gold coin donation in the the bucket.DSCF4113

The group wandered around the building and came to my area a short time later. They surrounded my desk, some of them offering flowers from their baskets, and the others standing there with outstretched hands waiting for money. “This lady has already bought one”, the crèche worker said. Thank goodness she saved me, it was like being mugged by little people.


Robin also came across some volunteers selling daffodils when he and his truck were in Khandallah today. He gladly put some cash in the bucket and mentioned that his wife had been “through the mill” several years ago. “Take another flower home to your wife”, he was told. To anyone out there touched by cancer, best wishes for your treatment, we know how hard it is to go through.

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