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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Welcome to the Wanderers

Who are these old friends at our caravan rally this weekend at Greytown? Why, it’s Dot and Derek, all the way from good old Blighty! They left the joys of canal cruising aboard their very own NB Gypsy Rover for a month to meet up with family and friends back here in New Zealand. You can imagine how noisy it was all weekend, chatter, chatter, chatter, catching up on everyone’s news. I presented them with a little Father Christmas clutching a kiwi to remind them of home when they are back on their canal boat enjoying a British white Christmas. There is a bit of a story about this gift, I had put it away in such a safe place that I couldn’t find it for a couple of years!

DSCF3483 Special Kiwi wishes for Christmas

Greytown is a nice quiet camp surrounded by large trees and has an adjacent stand of native bush. We practically had the camp to ourselves the whole weekend. Pamela and Don arrived with a brand new caravan, so that got everyone talking. We all gave it the once-over and declared it “great”.

P5090819New caravan at it’s inaugural rally

We took a walk on Saturday afternoon, looking at some fabulous homes that none of us would ever be able to aspire to. We can dream, though, can’t we? There are certainly some great properties in this area, and plenty of wonderful old trees. We came across this lovely old oak tree which was well over 100 years old. Lots of fallen leaves everywhere making a carpet of brown and gold all over the footpaths, and the sweet smell of fallen apples from the local apple orchards certainly reminded us that we are now in Autumn.

DSCF3490 Robin and the old oak tree

“Wear a Hat” was the instruction for our Wine and Cheese evening on Saturday night. No problem, we all have a funny hat or two tucked away in our caravans somewhere. There were hats with bells, long dangly bits hanging off them, a couple with flashing lights, and one that would certainly have graced a wedding. And who is that man in the black Afro wig, perhaps it’s one of the Jacksons? The selection of wine and cheese was great, too. It was a fun night.

DSCF3491 That’s us in our funny hats!

After a very full weekend our cat Muffy was plumb tuckered out when we arrived home. She lay down in the hallway and watched while we went in and out bringing multiple loads in from the caravan. After all, she had to do the meet and greet thing herself with everyone over the weekend. All our friends wanted to talk to her, and tell her how pretty she is. It’s a hard life being a caravan cat, sometimes. I think she will be quite happy staying at home again for a while.

DSCF3496 Muffy, all tired out

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