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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Coffee @ Ian’s

“Let’s go to “Coffee at Ian’s” if he’s open”, Robin suggested as we approached Paekakariki on Sunday morning. Ian’s establishment was open, so we pulled in and walked up to the counter to get our coffee. The former petrol station is now a drive by coffee shop.


Robin was greeted as a long lost friend. He has a good business relationship with Ian, and Coffee @ Ian’s is a regular call when the Robin is on his truck run up the Kapiti Coast. Ian chatted away as he made us both a coffee to go. “Oh no,” Ian said, “Robin and I don’t just talk about orders you know. We discuss all sorts of things, sports, world events, even politics. Just don’t get me started on ACC levies.” It is obvious that Ian is a very interesting fellow and enjoys a good discussion.

DSCF3575 Two coffees coming up

Coffee @ Ian’s sells “coffee to go” to commuters and the travelling public. Our coffees were great, creamy and piping hot. They have a great philosophy with their motto: Every Coffee - Perfect. With a business aim like that, they won’t fail, will they. Call in and say hello next time you travel past Paekakariki and say Robin sent you!


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