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Thursday, 13 May 2010

And the leaves keep falling down

We’ve got leaves everywhere. They blow up our driveway, underneath the caravan, across the lawn, into the gardens, and right around the back yard. The wind deposits them in piles where they huddle together, brown and crunchy, or damp and wet, depending on the weather conditions. They sit there and wait accusingly for someone to do something about them. The deciduous trees planted up and down our street are to blame for this state of affairs. Our expected dinner guests last night spurred Robin to tidy up some of the leaves in our back yard. He brushed them up into a big pile, then shovelled them into the rubbish bin. Hope he realises that although that’s one lot of leaves gone, but there are plenty more all over the ground.


It is not just householders waging war on fallen leaves, the city council is joining the fight too. I spotted three men hard at work on my way home today. All they had for protection on the road side were several orange “witches hats” keeping the traffic at bay as they went about their business. They had a huge bag to put all the gathered leaves in.


One of the workmen saw me taking photos and came over to talk to me. “How about one of the three of us”, he said as they posed for the camera. He hoped I was from the local community newspaper and asked when the photo would be printed. The men were contracted to the council to collect the leaves off the streets, and their next job is at Maidstone Park. That’s a huge area with lots of large trees. Robin thought he had a big job with the leaves on our small property! And still the leaves keep falling down, keeping everyone busy for weeks to come.

DSCF3503 Posing for the camera

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