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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Kiwi Gypsy Rovers

It was a wild and stormy night at Wellington Airport. We were there to farewell Dot and Derek as they started the long trip back to UK, and wondered if the weather would delay the first leg of their journey to Auckland. No trouble at all, a bit of wind and rain wasn’t enough to upset the brave Air New Zealand pilots. Dot and Derek had plenty to keep them busy during their 4 week visit, business to attend to, catching up with friends and family, dining out and even attending High Tea. They managed to squeeze in a caravan rally, minus the caravan this time. Dot was determined to take an empty bottle of Lemon and Paeroa (L & P) back with her, to remind her of her favourite NZ fizzy drink, unobtainable in UK. It was great to catch up with them over the last few weeks, and we certainly enjoyed being in their company again.

DSCF3586 All ready to board, but what’s that in Dot’s hand?

Soon they will be back aboard NB Gypsy Rover as they continue on their travels along the canals of England. We think this sums up their life.

The Gypsy Rover cruised down the canal, down through the valley so shady

Owned by a couple from Kiwi Land, Derek and his own lovely lady

Continuous cruising is what they do, four years of travelling all over

They watch the countryside gliding by, aboard their own Gypsy Rover

Locks, tunnels, lift bridges too, many places that they’ve been exploring

At the end of the day they find a nice place, and tie the boat up at a mooring

The boat glides gently into the lock, it doesn’t take long to fill her

Dot’s turning the windlass really hard, while Derek’s at the tiller

The winter weather had kept them trapped, the canals had all iced over,

They keep warm and fill in their days, aboard the Gypsy Rover

Derek and Dot love life aboard, their narrow boat Gypsy Rover

There’s life to live and much more to see, travelling the country all over

Gypsy Rover

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