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Friday, 14 May 2010

Oysters for Dinner

It’s just as well that we are gainfully employed and not living on the pension yet, as we would not be able to afford these oysters for our dinner. How divine, we haven’t had oysters for ages. There’s nothing to match Bluff oysters for flavour, they are “World Famous in New Zealand”.

DSCF3518 Bluff oysters, yum!!

We enjoyed every single one, dipped in batter and cooked to perfection with chips on the side. What could be better than that? And no, our cat didn’t get to taste a single oyster, she can eat cat food. Aren’t we mean!


Oysters and chips for dinner


Lis said...

Mmmmm, when I was in Timaru I had Bluff Oysters and chips at the local fish and chip shop, not battered, just au naturel, very yummy. Bluffs are fantastic aren't they?

Robin and Jenny said...

We just love the taste of Bluff oysters, but we can't eat them raw, as the purists do. They have to be battered and fried, just delicious!!