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Monday, 10 May 2010

Open Season on Gnomes

Duck shooting season has started, but what about the gnomes? They were fair game during our caravan rally at Greytown in the weekend, with everyone taking pot shots at them. Graeme and Kathryn were the dastardly couple who organised the gnome shooting gallery on Saturday afternoon. What do they have against gnomes, anyway?

DSCF3485 The instigators of the great gnome shoot

They provided us with a plastic spud gun, and we were asked to bring along a raw potato. Dig the gun into the potato, we were told, which makes a sort of pellet. Then aim, and shoot. Pellets of raw potatoes were pinging around all over the place, and some gunslingers even managed to hit the targets. Some of our group took this very seriously indeed, out to win at all costs. Others were absolutely hopeless and hardly managed to shoot a gnome at all.



I just hope that the Gnome Protection Society never finds out what we got up

Things were much more refined on Sunday morning when the men had to make a corsage for their partner to celebrate Mother’s Day, and the ladies made a floral button hole for the man in their life. Artificial flowers were provided to make our task easier. The impartial judge declared that Robin and Eileen’s creations were the winners.

DSCF3493 Everyone wearing their floral tributes

It was a great weekend with lots of fun and laughter, and catching up with everyone’s news.

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