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Saturday, 15 May 2010

High Tea for Five, please James

It was a girls only get-together for five caravan club members when we met for High Tea at the iconic James Cook Hotel in Wellington. Robin played taxi driver and drove the Hutt Valley contingent in to the hotel. We waited in the spacious downstairs lobby for Eileen to arrive from Te Horo. Guests were coming and going, and taxis were lined up outside waiting to whisk the guests to wherever their hearts desired.

DSCF3521 James Cook Hotel lobby

We took the lift upstairs to the Whitby Room, and were soon settled by the windows, with a view out over central city buildings. There was a large choice of fancy teas listed in the menu, with exotic fruity sounding names. Kathryn was the only one of us who chose tea, and as she said, she didn’t want one of those fancy ones and would stick to “English Breakfast”. The rest of us chose lattes or cappuccinos.

DSCF3526 Eileen, Pamela, Jenny, Dot and Kathryn playing ladies

Two triple tiered cake plates arrived piled high with all sorts of goodies for our High Tea. We had a selection of hot savouries, dainty sandwiches held together with toothpick and garnished with a green olive, and scones with cream and jam. Then there were small cups filled with chocolate mousse, chocolate dipped strawberries, and tiny bite sized cakes. Our young waitress was very obliging and snapped away with one camera after another for us. The hot drinks were advertised as being “unlimited” so most of us managed to down three cups each. We really needed to, it was thirsty work with all that chatter and laughter going on.


Priced at $19.50 each, we decided that we certainly got great value for money, with excellent attentive service. We couldn’t manage to consume all the food, and most of us had three coffees each. My own High Tea was compliments of a gift card received last birthday from my daughter. We all had a great time, in lovely surroundings. Thanks girls, it was fun.

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Anonymous said...

That High Tea looks gorgeous!