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Thursday, April 15, 2010

What’s happening outside?

What’s happening outside? It sounded like a truck idling and the noise had been going on for ages. A big yellow truck was parked in the middle of the road. There were orange “witches hats” placed strategically around the truck and the work men had taken the top off the man-hole cover. Guess if I want to know what’s happening I’ll have to ask them. Snap, snap, I took a couple of pictures and walked around to the back of the truck.

DSCF3376 The big yellow truck outside making all that noise

A hose snaked down into the drain and the water gurgled away as the pump got to work. It always amazes me that workmen are so happy to stop and chat about what they are doing. After all, it’s not as if I am one of those glamorous film stars from “Desperate Housewives”, now! The foreman came over and explained what was happening. Seems that some of the drains were getting contaminated and blocked. They were checking them out, and if needed, would send the camera down the drain. The local Council was funding the work. “Is there much of this sort of problem in our suburb?”, I asked . “Oh yes”, he confirmed, “lots”. It just makes you wonder what sort of contaminant has been flushed down the drains, doesn’t it. They finished the job and drove away. Peace at last.

DSCF3377 The boss was happy to stop and come and talk

There’s that noise again. The guys were hard at work around the corner checking out yet another drain. Wonder if the boss is chatting to someone else?

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