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Saturday, 10 April 2010

That’s life in the Country

It’s a busy life in the county, that’s for sure. Son-in-law Robert was still outside as the dusk deepened last night, working away on one of his fences.

P4080758 Kiwitea sunset

He had borrowed a tractor from Ross the Boss and was driving poles into the ground. First he had to man-handle the pole into position. “Stand there so I know where to back the tractor to”, he instructed me, in the gloom. As the tractor backed towards me I jumped out of the way, just in case he couldn’t see me in the fading light. He lined the pole driver up, then, bang, bang, bang, bang, the pole was hammered into the ground. “Easy, isn’t it”, he laughed. It certainly was.

DSCF3331 Robert driving poles in the ground

After a hearty country breakfast of bacon and eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and hash browns the next morning, we were ready to face the day. Robert and grand-daughter Megan prepared Millie the horse for a Hunt the following day. This involved clipping Millie’s coat so she didn’t get overheated while racing and jumping over fences. When Millie was finally clipped to the prescribed standard, she was returned to the paddock, kicked up her heels and cantered away.

DSCF3344 Robert and Megan clipping Millie’s coat

That’s one horse dealt with, but Megan still had two more that needed exercising. So she saddled up one, and leading a second one, trotted up the street with the two of them. That’s very clever, I couldn’t even handle one, let alone two!!

DSCF3347 Megan with two horses under control

It was time for us to say our goodbyes, hitch up the caravan and drive the last 190 kms home. It was rather sobering when we drove past two ambulances, a fire engine, and two police cars attending to a bad accident at Otaki. Hope the occupants weren’t too badly injured. We had a great 11 days away over Easter, what a shame it’s back to work again on Monday. Hurry up retirement, we say.

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