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Monday, 26 April 2010

Welcome Home D & D

After a gruelling non stop flight, our friends Dot and Derek finally made it home from UK. Heathrow Airport was in lock down mode due to the volcanic ash problem over Europe, so they could not make their scheduled trip last week. They re-booked their Air New Zealand flight, and one week later, they finally stepped on to New Zealand soil.

DSCF3448 Here we are at last!!

After four years travelling around the canals of England in their narrow boat Gypsy Rover, they are back in New Zealand for a month to catch up with family and friends. A month isn’t that long when there are lots of people to see, places to go, things to arrange, so no doubt they will be on the go the whole time. They have included our next caravan club rally at Greytown in their plans, so the gang can all get together then. That will bring back memories for Dot and Derek, as they were avid caravanners before the narrow boat bug bit them.

DSCF3449 Derek, Dot, and sons Brent and Richard

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