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Sunday, 4 April 2010

We needed that extra hour

Just as well we turned the clocks back for the end of Daylight Saving last night as we certainly needed that extra hour’s rest to deal with an extra busy Sunday. We were on the go all day. First up was a visit just through the trees to the very popular Farmers Market held next door. Locally grown produce, meat, baked goods, cheeses, waffles, jams and chutneys were all temptingly displayed with most stalls offering tastings. A local musician kept the crowd entertained as everyone pondered their choices.

DSCF3194 At the Farmers Market

The Pet Parade was held next so I just had to go along and see all the little darlings. We didn’t bring Muffy away with us this rally, but noticed three cats were entered in the pet show, with the winner being a Ragdoll cat. (Of course, we are confident that Muffy would have scooped the pool if she had attended). Budgies and a large white parrot were entered in the bird section.


DSCF3211 The winning cat and bird of the show

As expected, there were lots of dogs entered, mainly small fluffy ones, I noticed. They waited under the shady trees till it was their turn to be paraded around. No doubt each owner thought that their dog was so much better than the opposition and really deserved the big prize.



Pick me, pick me, they are saying

The afternoon had a vintage flavour and we went and checked out the old tractors, and vintage cars and machinery. It is great that enthusiasts care enough about these old machines to restore them and bring them out to show to the general public. The old steam engines must have been a revelation when they first appeared on the farm.



Robin was interested in an early model Leyland truck which had interesting solid wheels. The owner started it up and it made the ground vibrate as it drove slowly around. Wonder what the tare weight of this monster is?

DSCF3220 Leyland truck with solid wheels

The Topp Twins were performing in the marquee in the evening. We had noticed them wandering around during the day, they were no doubt soaking up some of the camping atmosphere. The concert was due to start at 7:30pm, but by 6:00pm a long queue had formed outside the marquee. We tagged along at the end, and patiently waited as more and more campers joined the line behind us. Entry was by pre-purchased ticket only, and it seemed to us that most of those attending the rally had bought tickets for the show. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get prime seats so had to sit off to the side of the stage. And that was after standing in the queue for all that time!

DSCF3231 Queuing for the show

The Topp Twins show was electric. They played their characters of Camp Leader and Camp Mother and sang and joked their way through the first part of the show. Then it was Ken and Ken, two characters of Kiwi blokes on stage. They came back a third time as themselves and it is obvious that the girls are very proud to be Kiwis. Amongst their jokes and quips they had serious messages about keeping New Zealand clean and green for future generations. The girls received a standing ovation at the end of the show, after singing the song they told us they always sing while performing overseas, about returning home to the Land of the Long White Cloud.


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