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Monday, 12 April 2010

We came back empty handed

Muffy went to stay at the cattery over Easter while we were travelling to Hastings and back. We were certainly looking forward to having her with us again, after all, it had been eleven days without her making demands on us. The cattery has set hours for drop off and collection so at the appointed time early on Saturday evening we drove the short distance to Mangaroa. As usual, several dogs barked when we arrived. The smell of wood smoke drifted in the air; the evenings are certainly cooling down enough now to need a fire. All the curtains were pulled closed to keep the warmth in, we noticed. We waited, and waited, and nothing happened. Perhaps we should knock on the door? The only trouble was, there were several notices on the house and the fence plainly stating “Beware of the Dog”. Knock, knock, knock, we rapped smartly on the door, setting off another round of loud barking. Nobody seemed to be home.

Robin decided to ring the cattery on his cell phone, there was no answer so he had to leave a message. What else we could do but head for home, going home empty handed, leaving Muffy behind. At least she was all safely locked up in the cattery.

Several hours later we received a very apologetic phone call from the cattery. There had been a misunderstanding on the date we were returning, and the people from the cattery had gone out visiting friends for a few hours. So Muffy got to stay an extra night and we collected her the following day. As usual, when we have been away for a while, she never lets us out of her sight. She likes to climb on our laps, and follows us around the house like a little puppy dog. Then at bedtime, she snuggles up as close as she can get. She obviously very pleased to be home again. And we are just as happy to have her home too.

DSCF3351 Muffy on the easy chair, waiting for a lap to settle down on.

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