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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Art Deco Ball

The highlight of the weekend’s entertainment was the Art Deco Ball. Attendees were encouraged to dress up for the evening and practically all participants rose to the challenge. The Art Deco time line fell between the two World Wars including the Depression. So there was plenty of room for ideas to choose from. Who is this well dressed Art Deco couple? That’s me decked out in a beaded and sequinned top, a black boa casually draped around my neck, and a matching head band with jaunty feathers completing the look. Robin was sporting a black pin striped jacket, cream trousers, black braces and tie, a black hat on his head, and black and white shoes on his feet. What a fine looking pair.


The hall filled up and ladies arrived wearing feathers in their hair and more feather boas around their necks than anyone could count. There were dropped waistline dresses, beads and sequins glittering under the lights, jaunty little pill box hats, long gloves, and fox furs draped around necklines. The men wore braces, boaters, striped jackets and ties, there was even a gentlemen dressed in tails. Add to the mix a few servicemen, and a hobo or two, the hall was a mix of colour and styles. It was so nice to watch everyone dance past, dressed to kill.


DSCF3186 Dressed up for the occasion

The band “Sir Duke” had the large crowd up and dancing during the evening. Robin tried valiantly to get on the dance floor on several occasions but his painful foot complained too much, unfortunately. Never mind, we sat and enjoyed the music, and the company of other friends at our table. It was a great evening, enjoyed by all.


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