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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Down on the Farm in Kiwitea

Still heading homewards after our Easter trip, we are now in Kiwitea, a tiny little rural village in the Manawatu. We are parked up at the farm of our daughter and family. The family own 12 horses, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 chicken and a few assorted sheep. Being horse lovers, they are keen on hunts and horse shows.

Henny Penny the chicken keeps herself busy scratching around in the dirt and sleeping amongst the hay bales. Every day she lays another fresh egg, and squawks and cackles to show the family just how clever she is. Hold her, Nana, I was instructed. Don’t think Henny Penny was too impressed posing for a photo though.

DSCF3281Jenny with Henny Penny

Babe the Border Collie is getting on in years now but still likes to keep an eye on the comings and goings up and down the road, barking when she thinks a car is coming onto the property. She now has a nice warm jacket to keep her old bones a little warmer in the cold Manawatu winds.


DSCF3278 Emma with Babe, sporting her new jacket

The other dogs in the family are Tui and Jack. Tui is under lock and key at the moment as she is in season, and Jack keeps faithfully glued to her side. After all, he reasons, someone may just forget to lock her up and then………….

P4080755 Tui with Jack standing guard

Emma saddled up her favourite horse Banana Tim and I was instructed to get ready for some action shots. That was not really easy to do at all. Most of the time I either pressed the button before she reached the jump, or after she had gone over it. This photo turned out the best, after Emma and Banana Tim had jumped over, and back, and over again.

DSCF3286 Emma jumping on Banana Tim

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