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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentine’s Day Brunch

“Happy Valentine’s Day”, we said to each other as we exchanged cards this morning.  Plus a little chocolate – just a small amount as we have both had the “eat less and exercise more” lecture from the doctor lately. 

DSCF2653 Happy Valentine’s Day

What would be nicer than enjoying a leisurely brunch out on this special day.  A new restaurant had opened up in our suburb and was close enough that we could stroll down in the sunshine.  It was our first time in this establishment, and it is owned by a very keen young couple.  By all accounts it is doing quite well, and we have heard that their Sunday Roasts are delicious and reasonably priced.  We will have to try that out at a later date.

DSCF2656 Our new neighbourhood restaurant

We looked over the brunch menu and soon made our choices.  Corn fritters and bacon for Robin, and French Toast and bacon for me, both served with maple syrup. Lovely grub!  We followed this with a nice hot cup of coffee each.  I think the proprietors could tell that we were a long married couple as Robin had brought the Sunday paper with him to read at the table!  



All ready to tuck in

Hope everyone is having a Happy Valentine’s Day with their special someone. 


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