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Monday, 22 February 2010

Scoutlands, Wanganui

The rural countryside flashed by as we left Ashhurst, driving via Bunnythorpe, around the outskirts of Feilding, through tiny Halcombe, past Marton and Turakina, to arrive at Scoutlands, situated just before Wanganui. After our 88 km drive we arrived just in time to put the caravans on site, and make our lunch to enjoy in the sunshine.

P2220432 Welcome to Scoutlands

A school party was spending the day enjoying the many facilities. The pupils and teachers were no doubt surprised when 4 cars and caravans pulled in amongst them. The youngsters were from the local Intermediate School and we watched in amusement as teams of four were walking together on long planks while holding on to ropes. “Left, right, left, right” the leader called as the teams worked together to walk the planks. Later in the afternoon the children enjoyed kayaking and sailing on the lake. Also available at Scoutland is fishing for trout, perch and eels, conquering the abseiling towerand enjoying toasted marshmallows around the campfire.



This was our first time at this camp so of course we had to explore the grounds. There is a confidence course with all sorts of interesting challenges for athletic youngsters to try. Lake Wiritoa is prettily edged with trees and reeds and is obviously a draw card to these facilities.

P2220428 Scoutlands Camp on the edge of Lake Wiritoa

Geoff decided it was time to top up his half empty water tank. I was astounded to see the water hose snaking in through the door of his caravan next door. There was nothing to get concerned about, I was assured. Seems the water tank on Geoff and Eileen’s English caravan is situated under one of the front seats.

DSCF2706 Filling up the water tank


Derek and Dot said...

I have been to lake Wiritoa many times. Do they still hold waterski- ing there? They used to hold the national long distance swimming races there!

Robin and Jenny said...

I think they still have water skiing and also jet skis looking at the bouys and jumps in the lake. Don't know about long distance swimming though.

The Bollemonster said...

I just wanted to add that we booked a tent site at Scoutlands Campground and found the woman who claimed to be the owner very rude. She was hysterical that we had a look at the grounds before first paying (we were checking if there was room as it looked busy). We were so stunned at the way she reacted we didn't say anything and she told us to leave. We ended up completely bypassing Wanganui because of this, and it almost ruined our day.