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Friday, 26 February 2010

Kiwi Country

We stayed overnight at Taumaranui Holiday Park then hitched up and moved on in the morning, heading up State Highway 4. Sheep and beef cattle were grazing on the undulating countryside, and we noticed plenty of maize crops growing in the paddocks. As well as mixed farming, Pinus Radiata forests covered the hills of the areas we drove through today. It is not surprising to come across road works while travelling, and today we were stopped at 4 different sections. We watched the driver of a truck and trailer drop his two loads of base course. First he tipped up the tray of the trailer and that load fell out, then manoeuvred his vehicle until the trailer had jacknifed. With the empty trailer off to one side, the driver then tipped the tray of his truck up and dropped the second load. This was achieved with a minimum of effort, then he went on his way to collect the next truck and trailer load, to repeat the process many times during the day, we imagine.

DSCF2790 Trailer at right angle to the truck to drop second load

Reaching the 8 Mile Junction, we turned on to State Highway 3 to drive through Te Kuiti and on to Otorohunga, known as New Zealand’s Kiwiana Town. We plan on spending several nights here and will be doing a day trip or two to explore other nearby places of interest.

DSCF2796The very attractive sign at the edge of town

The motor camp backs on to playing fields and we were amused to see a rather novel way of cutting the grass. A car was driving around, towing a mower behind. In the early evening a very spirited game of social soccer took place. It may have been only a social game, but there were roars of appreciation when each side managed to score a goal or two.

P2260471 Cutting the grass

While enjoying the lovely afternoon weather we had a bit of excitement when Peter spotted something moving in the grass. What could it be, it looked just like a leaf to me. Then it started moving. It was a tiny little native skink, a type of lizard. This little beauty had a slim body and long tail, tiny little eyes, and the most dainty little toes. After we had all admired it, we placed it carefully down on the ground and watched it scuttle away to safety.

P2260475 Peter with the skink

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