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Monday, 15 February 2010

Goodbye to Murray

Murray the cat is no more.  This big beautiful black and white boy belonged to our grand-daughter Emma and lived on the family farm at Kiwitea.  Murray was the most laid back cat we had ever met, nothing seemed to bother him.  He was doubly precious as he originally belonged to Emma’s boyfriend Geoffrey, who died tragically a couple of years ago. 

DSCF1962 Murray, relaxing on the farm

Murray the cat met his end last week when he was out and about one evening.  He was crossing the road and was hit by a speeding car.  Understandably, the family is devastated.  Goodbye Murray, we will all miss you.

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Robin and Jenny said...

We received a comment that came through as a series of tiny boxes and numbers - so don't know what happened there. Perhaps the sender may like to send it again.

Wayland Ritzman said...

So sorry to hear about Murray. From your pictures it looked like he had a lot of character. Animals become such a part of our families that they are really missed when they are gone. Our cat Inky travels with us in our fifth wheel and we enjoy having him with us and we think that he enjoys it also.

Robin and Jenny said...

Thank you Wayland for your kind words. Our cat Muffy says "Hello" to your cat Inky!!